Big interest from Swedish B2B companies to sell in China

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In October, J&J visited Sweden to attend events in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to present Alibaba’s newly launched Eco System Partner Program on IMall and the opportunities for Swedish B2B brands to sell online in China.

Starting off at Svensk Digital Handel’s B2B conference in Gothenburg on October 8th, Johan Aledal and Emma Hellbom introduced the digital landscape in China and the possibilities for industrial brands to do Ecommerce on Alibaba’s IMall (Industrial Mall). With over 200 professionals in the audience, the interest were big for Alibaba’s digital solutions for B2B.

In addition of opening a shop-in-shop on IMall, J&J introduced IMall’s distribution and procurement channels including different services within the newly launched Ecosystem program in order to help B2B brands streamline their business on the platform.

Following the B2B conference, more events with J&J were hold in Stockholm together with the Sweden China Trade Council, Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Malmö and with West Sweden Asia Gateway in Gothenburg.

We see a big interest from Swedish B2B companies to sell in China and therefore it is important to make the digital journey. China has come a long way in terms of digitalizing B2B so if you want to be successful in the Chinese market, going digital is the only way" – says Emma Hellbom Online Manager B2B at J&J.

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