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At JOHAN & JOHAN we pride ourselves in being a true one-stop-shop, providing brands wanting to come to China, Hong Kong and Vietnam with everything from logistics to marketing. Another big part of what we do is to provide more specific online solutions for B2B clients – building on many years of experience we run online B2B stores, operate corporate social media, do market research and more to help companies improve their performance.

Entering China is a big step for any company, but Online B2B Manager, Emma Hellbom is happy to help clients get on the right track. We caught up with her at the J&J head office in Shanghai to ask her a couple of questions about our B2B online services.


Hello Emma. Working closely with western B2B clients, what kind of issues do you see them struggling with when they come to China?

Hello! Firstly, the online eco-system here is quite different from the west – there is no Google or Facebook, many of the usual plug-ins won't work, and then there is the Great Firewall. That can make it very hard for prospective customers to find you, or it could be that your website simply doesn't load very well from inside China.

Secondly, many companies try replicate their marketing strategies here, but that won't get you far today. You need to understand the different consumer behaviours, including the importance of content marketing. You also need to identify the right sales channels and adapt to the fast-paced, technology driven online environment, where lightning-fast replies and deliveries are the norm.

How can J&J help them turn that around?

An understanding of the local market is key to succeeding here, and J&J can offers clients a proven track record going back almost a decade. But in addition to that, we also understand where the client is coming from – we stand with one foot in Scandinavia and other in China. We work closely with our clients and offer transparency – be it launching your brand, opening a store on Alibaba's 1688 or maybe getting started on Chinese social media – we do China together.

What kind of B2B services are popular right now?

Beyond building and operating flagship stores on 1688 (Alibaba's domestic B2B platform), we help to manage SEM campaigns on Baidu (Google's counterpart in China) and run social media accounts. Our Digital Health Check, where we analyse a client's online presence in China, research competitors and produce a report where we present our findings and offer suggestions on how to improve is very popular, both with brands new to China and brands looking to increase traffic and boost sales.


Interesting in a Digital Health Check or considering taking your business to China? Contact Emma Hellbom, emma.hellbom@johanjohan.com, to discuss how we can help you optimise your performance and get a head start on the world's biggest market.


This article is a preview from the upcoming Johan & Johan Gazette #6 – due to launch early next year.


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