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Any thoughts of expanding to China, Hong Kong or Vietnam? Tempted by the potential your products might have among the growing and consuming middle class there?

We help overseas brands sell and operate in China, Hong Kong and Vietnam, as wholesalers and online retailers. The business model is based on a complete set of services—including import, logistics, marketing and sales, distribution and financial services.

We believe the brand owners have the best knowledge about the products and the values of the brand. We also believe that presence and local expertise is required to have a chance on these markets—with fierce competition and different consumer behaviors, local insight is key.

Sales and Fulfillment are the two cornerstones of JOHAN & JOHAN, and working closely with the brand we create a market strategy with a proven track record without losing grip on brand integrity.

We work with consumer products, with a focus on baby- and children products, fashion and accessories, safety- and health products.



Johan and Johan met in Shanghai 2009 and soon realized their backgrounds were a perfect match of logistics, retail, eCommerce, IT and international trading.

The world wants to come to Asia to sell its products – there is great potential but likewise many obstacles: it is complicated, risky, expensive and it takes a long time to enter the market. Numerous delegations come to China to learn – often with poor results and many business relations and collaborations with local companies fail due to misunderstandings, different agendas and misinterpretations of brand values. Last but not least, a difficulty understanding the importance and scope of online and eCommerce in these markets.

Together Johan and Johan developed business area The Operator, which was an end-to-end sales and fulfillment service for both offline and online sales channels. The Operator overcame the obstacles above!

Johan Aledal – Eight years with the Swedish eCommerce software platform Litium Studio, including setting up a sales office in Shanghai, Johan Aledal has experience from many facets of tech and eCommerce, with a clear focus on Asia.  

Aledal recognizes there is a lot of confusion and obsolete ideas about Asia in the West: "When I came to China, sent by a web and e-commerce software company, I had no idea that China was already a giant within e-commerce… It’s interesting that the Western markets still have doubts about China and its online business – is it really safe? Do you get your ordered products? ...are common questions, when they should be asking why is e-commerce so successful in China? How can we become a part of it?"

Johan Wikander – worked for 15 years with H&M supply chain, continued with consulting and then went on to co-found and for 10 years be CEO of a 3PL company with business in Sweden, Norway and Holland. Initially went to China for a one year project in 2007, and stayed since then. Co-founded a quality and CSR company for SME European fashion companies, and was for many years lecturing in logistics and supply chain management at two universities.

Wikander has noticed that there are strong internal forces in many organizations working against simplicity and efficiency: “I am sure that at least every second retail or e-tail company can increase profits by 50% just by working leaner, smarter and guided by common sense. A major part of this improvement can be done within the inventory management.”


The Eastern and South-East Asian markets are vast and belong to the fastest growing economies in the world. Consumption, demand and urge for Western products and quality brands continue to increase.

We understand the importance of localization!

"When in Rome, do as the Romans" is a good expression when it comes to running a business in Eastern/South East Asia. It's essential to understand local behavior, business ethics, culture and of course consumer habits. This cannot be obtained nor managed from a remote office. Our operations are based in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City.

We have learned that the hard way and we are today running our business with professional local colleagues, local IT-support, local warehouses and a local mindset.

In the autumn of 2015 we opened up our third market, Vietnam, where we reproduce as much as possible from China – but again, in a localized way. Our ambition and strategy is to have local presence and represent several markets in the region, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Korea and Japan.

Overseas high quality consumer products are attractive in this part of the world, there is a great demand and it keeps increasing every year – we can help you enter these markets!